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Student work featured on Ads of the World- congrats Ricardo Aranibar, Matteo Capaldi & Alice Chiapperini!

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There’s something so real about holding hands; some kind of complex simplicity, saying so much by doing so little. I love it.

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Creative compositions by Adrian Schiegl

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“If you can’t laugh together in bed, the chances are you are incompatible, anyway. I’d rather hear a girl laugh well than try to turn me on with long, silent, soulful, secret looks. If you can laugh with a woman, everything else falls into place.”

I want this…with you…every night

so perfect

Fuck my life. I need this more than ever right now:( I’m so fucking depressed.

Awh shit. This is adorable. I want this. 

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Intimacy with another human being is nothing if not being constantly aware of how easily you could hurt them.
Tom Bissell  (via paperboatheart)
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‘If the girl had been worth having she’d have waited for you?’ No, sir, the girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody.
F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise (via thatkindofwoman)

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